Al-Quran Software

Al-Quran Software is a software in which you can read specific verse (ayat) of Al-Quran randomly. While using this software, you have to only select the Surah and the verse number of the selected Surah. Then you can see the verse in Arabic. You can also read the Bangla and English translation of selected verse. I also provide the recitation option in this software. Users have to click the recitation button to hear the recitation.

System Requirement to use Al-Quran Software:

Your System Must have JDK 6 or later
You can download JDK from here.
You must have installed JMF
You can download JMF from here.

Download Al-Quran Software

Download Al-Quran software from here.
After downloading the Al-Quran Software.rar file you have to just extract the file.
If you can not read the Bangla translation then just copy the “SolaimanLipi” font to your window’s Font folder. You will get it in your downloaded folder.

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