Way of Life

What should be the way of our life? What is our aim of life? Is it becoming an Engineer or Doctor? Or is it becoming a successful businessman or a millionaire? To select the right decision we have to think out our vision of life, our philosophy,our family, our society. But the ultimate goal of every one's life is to lead a happy, luxurious and honorable life of the world. To fulfill this goal one becomes an engineer or doctor or scientist or any other thing. From the beginning of the human civilization most of the people works throughout his or her life to fulfill this goal. Time goes in his own way, many society lost from our civilization, a lot of revolution takes place but the thinking of our mind does not change and it will remain unchanged till the moment of destroying of the universe.

If you are among those people who believe in Allah, who think that He is the only Creator of this whole universe and He is the Only one to whom we can pray then you should also believe in life after death. Then you have different philosophy about your goal of life. Then you should only think, how can you escape the punishment of Allah and how can you become a successful man or woman in your next life ( life of "Akhirat"). Then you have to follow the Al-Quran and Hadith (Quotes from Prophet, peace be upon him). You have to the recite Holy Quran and understand the meaning of this holy book. Your way of life should be the way to "Jannat".

I wish every single man of this earth will visit my blog. If they get something useful from my blog, then I will be very happy. I pray to Almighty Allah that He will give us the ability to lead our life according to Islam. I request to all non-Muslims to study about Islam and take it as their only religion. After all I hope that every Muslim who visit my blog should pray for me to become a complete Muslim before my death.

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