Sahih Muslim:

Sahih Muslim is one of the six major collection of the hadit in Sunni Islam. It is the second most authentic hadit collection. According to Sunni Muslims, it is the most authentic book of hadit after Sahih Bukhari. It is collected by Muslim Ibn Al-Hajjaj, who is also known as Imam Muslim. He traveled Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt to gather his hadit collection.

Here I upload all the 43 book of Sahih Muslim in one single pdf file and also in 5 part. In the single pdf file of Sahih Muslim I add the content with excellent linking. May be the transalator add some introduction at the beginning of many book which I removed while convert them in pdf document.

To download Sahih Muslim just click below. 

Download in a Single book:
Sahih Muslim – Complete English Translation
(Translated by Abdul Hamid Siddiqui)
Download by part:
Sahih Muslim, book 1 - 7 
Sahih Muslim, book 8 - 17
Sahih Muslim, book 18 - 24
Sahih Muslim, book 25 - 31
Sahih Muslim, book 32 - 43

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