Lecture by Mu’teeur Rahman Madani

Shaykh Mu’teeur-Rahmaan is a graduate from the University of Madeenah, he has also studied in Hind

Shaykh Mu’teeur-Rahmaan has studied with the Great scholars of our time, the likes of Shaykh Safiur-Rahman Mubarakpuri

Mu’teeur-Rahman lectures at this Islaamic centre here.

Here I upload some of his most import Lecture for Bengali speaking muslim brothers and sisters. You can download them and listen them.

Aqeedah and Belief:

১। দেওবন্দীদের আকীদা
২। বেরেলভীদের আকীদা
৩। দেওবন্দীদের কুফর এবং শিরক সমূহ
৪। শব ই বরাত
৫। মিলাদ
you can listen this audio before downloading them:
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