Al-Quran (Arabic):
   The Noble Quran with recitation
Al-Quran Software:
    Al-Quran Software

English Translation of Al-Quran:
   Al-Quran (English translation by Aisha Bewley)
   Al-Quran (English translation by Abdel Haleem)
   Al-Quran ( English translation by Vicar Ahmed) 

Bengali Translation of Al-Quran:
   Al-Quran (Bengali translation) 
Tajweed Quran:
    Holy Quran – Tajweed Colored
   How to recite colored Tajweed Quran
Color Coded Al-Quran:
     Surah 1 to Surah 20
    Surah 21 to Surah 114

Dictionary of Al-Quran:
   Lughatul Quran
   English Explanatory Dictionary of Al-Quran
   80% words meaning in English 
   Bible, Quran and Science – Maurice Bucaille
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