Jami a-Tirmidhi (Arabic: جامع الترمذي‎), popularly Sunan al-Tirmidhi (Arabic: سُـنَن الترمذي‎), is one of theSunni Six major Hadith collections. It was collected by Abu 'Eesa Muhammad ibn 'Eesa al-Tirmidhi.

Of the four Sunan books, al-Tirmidhi's alone is divided into four categories. The first, those hadith definitively classified as authentic, he is in agreement with Bukhari and Muslim. The second category are those hadith which conform to the standard of the three scholars, al-Tirmidhi, al-Nasa'i and Abu Dawood, at a level less than Bukhari and Muslim. Third, are the hadith collected due to a contradiction; in this case, he clarifies its flaw. And fourth, those hadith which some fiqh specialists have acted upon.

Jami A-Tirmidhi (complete translation with Arabic)

Tirmidhi (Partial Translation)

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