Recitation of Quran

Recitation of Quran should be done according to rules of pronunciation, intonation and caesuras established by prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The significance of recitation of Quran is told in many authentic hadith. It is true that most of the Muslims all over the world recite Quran. But it is also true that most of these Muslims cannot understand what they read specially in Indian subcontinent. Because we learn how to read the Quran correctly; but we do not learn the Arabic language. So it is necessary to us to read or listen the translation of Quran in our mother language.

I give here several link from where the visitors can download the recitation of Al-Quran of famous reciter.

                       Al Quran recitation by Mishary Al Efasy
                      Al Quran recited by Sa'ad Al-Ghamadi
                      Recitation of Al Quran with Bengali translation      
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