Islamic Documentaries

The Boy and The King : Story of Obaid

The story surrounds a young boy called Obaid. He is confronted with a choice to live an easy life in this world or to struggle for reward in the Hereafter.The story takes place during the tyrannical rule of King Narsis, who controls his people by encouraging them to worship idols and frightening them with the magic of Cinatas, his evil sorcerer.
This story is taken from an authentic narration or a Hadith of Islamic prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that explains the reference to “The people of the ditch” in Surat Al-Burooj from the Qur’an (85:4). The Qur'anic story is about a boy who believes in Allah Almighty, and he is blessed with divine protection from the plotting of a wicked king and a sorcerer.
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Islam : Empire of Faith

Islam: Empire of Faith is a documentary series, made in 2000, that details the history of Islam, from the birth of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the Ottoman Empire. It is narrated by Ben Kingsley.
The first episode deals with the life of Muhammad (peace be upon him), the second with the early Caliphates, Crusades, and Mongol invasion, and the third with the Ottoman Empire and Safavid dynasty.
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Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih

Fatih Sultan Muhammad is a feature-length animated film about the Fall of Constantinople to Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II. The original film was in turkish. An English Translation is produced by Astrolabe pictures. It describes the heroic struggle of the muslims to conquer Constantipole (Present day Istanbul).
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